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Learning time: 26 min 4 Videos

Forex Beginner's Courses

Find out more about the Forex Market, the Forex terms, the type of orders, and the essential terms used in the industry. What you learn:

  • How to use Stop Loss and Take Profit in your trading strategies
  • What Spreads, Leverage and Rollovers are
  • How to trade on a rising or falling market
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Learning time: 10 min 1 Videos

CFDs and Stocks

Get a clear overview on the major differences between CFDs and stocks so you can trade professionally. What you learn:

  • Why and how to trade CFDs
  • How to trade a wide range of assets
  • What the advantages and disadvantages of trading CFDs are
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Learning time: 35min 6 Videos

Forex Beginner's Videos

Find out how successful investors keep their emotions in check and trade only according to their strategies What you learn:

  • How to distribute risks across markets
  • What passive and aggressive investments are
  • How to trade Currency Pairs
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