Forex VOD Advanced

Develop your knowledge further with technical and fundamental analysis to trade like a proficient investor.

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Learning time: 150 min 1 Ebook

Advanced Forex E-book

Find out how expert investors use advanced trading tools while developing an efficient psychology and behaviour. What you learn:

  • How to invest like a proficient trader
  • What successful Capital Management is
  • How to do Market Analysis
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Learning time: 35 min 10 Videos

All-level Trading Strategies

Get a clear understanding of all advanced trading strategies from level 1 to level 3. What you learn:

  • How experts use trading strategies
  • What the major trading strategies are
  • How to optimise strategies for different instruments
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Learning time: 4 min 5 Videos

Forex Expert's Videos

Enhance your trading skills with a clear understanding of complex Forex trading tools. What you learn:

  • How to use advanced Patterns
  • What Support and Resistance lines are
  • How to use Passive and Aggressive Rules
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