Advanced Forex E-book

Find out how expert investors use advanced trading tools while developing an efficient psychology and behaviour. What you learn:

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Learning time: 35 min 10 Videos

All-level Trading Strategies

Get a clear understanding of all advanced trading strategies from level 1 to level 3. What you learn:

  • How experts use trading strategies
  • What the major trading strategies are
  • How to optimise strategies for different instruments
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Learning time: 4 min 5 Videos

Forex Expert's Videos

Enhance your trading skills with a clear understanding of complex Forex trading tools. What you learn:

  • How to use advanced Patterns
  • What Support and Resistance lines are
  • How to use Passive and Aggressive Rules
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Learning time: 35 min 9 Videos

Advanced Trading Tools

This course wil go through Forex Market, you will learn the Forex terms, the type of orders and the essential terms of the industry. What you will learn:

  • How to use the Japanese candlesticks
  • What all the major Bullish and Bearish trading patterns are
  • How to analyse the market movements
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